The main and most striking characteristic of a Bull Terrier is the shape of head and is probably the main reason to distinguish him from any other dog breed! I believe that a Bull Terrier does not add only a typical head ( eggshape ) with good downface, fill and substance, structure coupled with bone, substance and temperament are critical in establishing an excellent example. Bull Terriers are gentle, friendly, intense, energetic and cheerful with all these features present in their personality!

When I starting my breeding program I have in mind an idealization of my Bull Terrier's type! Therefore, analyzing all the phenotypes, genotypes, recessive genes, dominant and pedigrees, I come to the conclusion that Credetta's Bull Terriers are the most pleasing in the final analysis! Therefore my breeding program is all based upon this bloodline and all future outcross that are made will be carefully studied to complement and add features on top of this main bloodline!

When necessary, I will try to import from England (country of origin of the breed) the best dogs always advised by my friends Chris and Bernadette Mellor with I have a mutual relationship of friendship and trust!

My breeding goal is to combine: Temperament, Type, Health and Head when well complemented provide excellent and distinguished examples that will help in the evolution of the breed!

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