It all started in the late 90's when watching a television program, I fall in love for a exotic and different breed which the dog's head was shaped like "egg" and resembled a shark! After years maturing the idea of returning to have dogs, I decided in 2001 to buy my first Bull Terrier: Jch.Ch.GrCh.ChPan.ChInt Czar Romanov Bellobull.

Through the Czar, I entered the world of show dogs and exhibitions enjoying increasingly the world of dogs. Czar was the son of ChInt. Credetta Bungalow Bill, one of the first Bull Terriers exists in Brazil imported directly from England for Bellobull Kennel through the famous English breeders Chris & Bernadette Mellor (Credetta Bull Terriers), these in my opinion one of the most renowned breeders in the history of the breed.

Since that time, my passion for "bullies" was very intense and my dream was to purchase a dog of Credetta. Unfortunately for personal reasons, I had to leave the show dogs for a few years when in early 2011, I decided to fulfill my dream of having a legitimate Credetta: BIS PLACER Ch.GrCh.ChPan.GrChPan Madam Blaze at Credetta (Belle). With Belle, my friendship with Chris and Bernadette Mellor (Credetta) was enhanced, resulting in the idea of increasing quality in the breed in South America through a representation of Credetta Affix in Rio de Janeiro providing the possibility to have the much renowned quality of the English Bull Terriers by Credetta bloodlines bringing this line directly in Brazil.

With that, I imported another two Credettas: Cinderella Man at Credetta (Jack) in the opinion of Chris and Bernadette Mellor has one of the best heads that they ever produced in all his creation and the promising Credetta Magic Shadow produced by a criterious linebreeding. All done carefully for produce 100% Britishbloodlines, typical, correct and healthy Bull Terriers coming from one of the most renowned bloodlines to add more quality, beauty and reputation in breeding in Brazil - South America.

Currently, we are the only official representative of Credetta Bull Terriers in South America featuring all "Know How", advice and quality of this creation. Therefore, I thank with all my heart my dear friends Chris and Bernadette Mellor who believed, helped and spared no efforts in completing this project , banking on me all the confidence needed for this come true! Without you, none of this would be possible! Thank you very much!

It's for purpose to present a small sample of this great project that I hope to share with all true lovers of this magnificent breed called: BULL TERRIER.

Best Wishes,

Joao Hypolito

Ice Court Bull Terriers
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