It all started around the year 1830, when the sport of fighting between Bulldogs and bulls in England was at the apex. At this time the fans of this sport have decided to breed even more nimble and fierce, it was also good for baiting dogs, as the sport with bulls were to be prohibited. By crossing the Bulldog with the Old English Terrier and Spanish Pointer they arrived at what would become the base of the Bull Terrier of today.

The struggles between the Bulldogs were fast and without mobility, since the dogs bite and not let out the most to death, a fact that made the most "passionate" by the activity sought to create a race that would keep the courage, toughness, tenacity and insensitivity to pain "Bulldog" to other predicates that mister made for a good "fight." The dog used to this "miscegenation" was the White Terrier on the island, popular, brave and agile hunter of predators like wolves and foxes. Thus emerged the first Bulldog and Terrier, that for generations his brothers fought race. Gradually the Bulldog and Terrier were becoming the companion of the English middle class, especially the university of Cambridge and Oxford, later rising to the halls but the noblest characteristics of the current Bull Terrier breeders are credited to the late nineteenth century, especially the one named James Hinks, of Birmingham Lord, who decided to establish a little more race that lacked beauty and symmetry. For years made using other breeds and crosses a lot of inbreeding, by the year 1862, when first presented at an exhibition, the dog resulting from their work. A dog was considered far superior in comparison, beauty and temperament to former Bulldog and Terrier head showing longer, straighter legs, looking more muscular and more active. There are suspicions that these characteristics Hinks obtained from crosses of the original Bull Terrier pointers and Dalmatians. Once the race began to be developed, there was a wide variety of colors, sizes and proportions of dogs James Hinks was the first to standardize these dogs, always looking for the color white, egg-shaped head and combative temperament. Once the type of race was already well established, began to introduce colors.

Today the Bull Terrier is a dog surrounded by legends and stories, told mostly by bad owners, who take advantage of his courage, determination and strength for other purposes. Due to several incidents lately involving dogs of the breed American Pit Bull Terrier, known as PIT BULL, BULL TERRIER's image has been misleadingly used by the media for visual identification of dogs, probably by the similarity of names, even though very different in dogs appearance, constitution and temperament. A typical Bull Terrier is active, lively, intense, sweet and playful and extremely attached to his master and his family.

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