by Chris and Bernadette Mellor

We are Chris and Bernadette Mellor of the Credetta Kennel in Manchester, England. It gives us great pleasure to write this endorsement for our good friend Joao Hypolito, who is now our partner and representative for Credetta Bull Terriers in Brazil.

We wish Joao many years of success in the breed and know that he has a good foundation with the 3 bull terriers he has aquired from us and we hope he will go onto a succesful future in the breed for many years to come.

We have been asked to write what our idea of a good bull terrier is, and after being in the breed for nearly 25 years we are lucky enough to have created, at Credetta, our own type of bull terrier that can be recognised as coming from our kennel anywhere in the world.

It sounds obvious but our idea of a what a bull terrier should be is a combination of the two types: a bull and a terrier. The dog shouldn't be able to be put into one category or the other, he should have the strength, power and substance of the bull and the fire, alertness and quality of the terrier.

We have found over the years that there is one thing that is often misunderstood in bull terriers and that is the word "substance". So many people confuse this with having a fat or large dog when the opposite is true as even the smallest bull terrier can have the correct amount of substance for his size.

Correct susbstance in a bull terrier is genetic, it cannot be aquired if the dog doesn't already have it. One of the easiest examples of how to determine if a dog has the correct amount of substance is by the quality of the bone in his forelegs. The bone in the forelegs when viewed from the front should be like a cylinder, it should be the same width at the elbow all the way down to the wrist. This photo of Credetta Crimson Tide illustrates the point perfectly (at only 11 months old) his bone will only increase in quality with age.


Another essential quality in breeding good bull terriers is correct type. In our opinion only succesful linebreeding will create consistent type in a bloodline. Some breeders are a little nervous of linebreeding, but you will find that most of the consistently successful producers of quality bull terriers over a long period of time will have one thing in common...knowing how to linebreed succesfully and the correct time to bring in a complimentary outcross to a close bloodline.

Our bull terriers, as said previously, all have this consistent type and have a particular look to them which can be seen by going through our website and viewing the many photos on there.

The next two ingredients in producing quality bull terriers has to be correct construction and movement. These two qualities are very often overlooked in favour of producing one of the bull terriers' most distinctive features; the head. Breeders who ignore trying to produce consistently good construction and correct movement will never produce the complete bull terrier who is able to compete at the highest level in all competitions.

Here are 2 examples of correct construction, which obviously equates to the dog moving correctly, Credetta Pinball Wizard and his great grandaughter Madam Blaze at Credetta "Belle".


Madam Blaze has only been in Brazil since March 2011 and at time of writing she is the number 1 bull terrier bitch in Brazil. One of her best results was under all round judge Mr Ricardo Saldano who awarded her Best of Breed,1st place in the terrier group, and 4th place overall best in show.

Mr Saldano particularly commented on her construction and movement and said she was one of the best bull terriers he had ever seen, a great compliment!

And last but not least we come to the bull terriers head. The most distinctive attribute of a bull terrier and possibly the main thing to distinguish him from any other breed.

The correct head of a bull terrier should not be exaggerated. In recent years a lot of over exaggerated profiles have come into the breed resulting in a severe lack of power, width and underjaw when the head is viewed from the front.


This is a quote from the English Kennel Club's breed standard for the bull terriers head.

Head and Skull:
Head long, strong and deep right to end of muzzle, but not coarse. Viewed from front egg-shaped and completely filled, its surface free from hollows or indentations. Top of skull almost flat from ear to ear. Profile curves gently downwards from top of skull to tip of nose which should be black and bent downwards at tip. Nostrils well developed and under-jaw deep and strong." Notice the wording for the correct profile is "curves gently downwards" it doesn't say "to resemble a sheep with no underjaw".


Here are 2 examples of a bull terrier's head:

1) Champion Credetta Take it Easy in profile - notice the gentle curve right down to the tip of the nose with no break and culminating in the correct Roman finish.


2) Cinderella Man at Credetta (photographed from the front). See the correct ear set right on top of the head, leading into correct eye placement and expression, the corner of the eyes pointing towards the ears - look at the width and fill directly under the eyes.

Here in this photo see his depth of muzzle and strong underjaw.


We hope this gives the reader some insight into what our idea of a good bull terrier should be.

Chris and Bernadette Mellor
Credetta Bull Terriers

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